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Beatrice Mandelman (1912-1998)

Born on December 31, 1912 in Newark, New Jersey, from an early age Beatrice Mandelman was determined to be an artist. At age 12, she began taking classes at the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art. In the 1930s, she attended Rutgers University, the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art and the Art Students League in New York City.

In 1935 Mandelman was employed by the Works Progress Administration (WPA), first as a muralist and then as a printmaker with the Graphic Division of the New York Project. One of the original members of the Silk Screen Unit under Anthony Velonis, Mandelman worked in the WPA until 1942, when it was disbanded.

During this period she was associated with numerous New York School artists including Louis Lozowick, Willem de Kooning, Arshile Gorky, Jackson Pollock, and Stuart Davis. By 1941, Mandelman's works were included in important exhibitions at the Chicago Art Institute, the Museum of Modern Art and the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC.

In 1942 Mandelman married Louis Ribak and in 1944, they traveled to Santa Fe to visit Ribak's teacher and mentor, the artist John Sloan, who'd recommended the climate and atmosphere. Finding Santa Fe congested, they took the train along the Rio Grande and a stagecoach up to Taos and decided to settle there. An impulsive and inspired move, it was a decision that would effectively remove them from the art world's mainstream. In 1944 Taos was a well-known art community, but there were no galleries exhibiting modern art. A new influx of artists from New York and California during the late 40s and 50s would change this. A group of these artists, including Mandelman and Ribak, Ed Corbett, Agnes Martin, Oli Sihvonen, and Clay Spohn, would become known as the "Taos Moderns".

Mandelman was an intensely dedicated painter. In the relative isolation of Northern New Mexico she found the freedom to develop a style that was distinctly her own. Inspired by the light, the local color, the landscape and the confluence of diverse cultures in Taos, her work flourished.

Through out her lifetime, together with Ribak and after his death in 1979, Mandelman was adventurous and profoundly curious about art and life and culture. She loved to travel and drew inspiration from it. Over the years she lived for extended periods in Mexico and traveled extensively in South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Beatrice Mandelman died on June 25th, 1998 in her home in Taos. In the last months of her life, she produced the thirty-one works in the Winter series. Over the span of seven decades, Beatrice Mandelman produced a body of work consisting of hundreds of paintings, prints, collages, and works on paper.

Images are not to scale.

"Canyon #10"
acrylic on canvas - 1960
  60" H x 45" W

"Dawn (60-P13)"
oil on masonite
  36" H x 48" W

"Untitled Purple/Blue"
mixed media collage - c. 1960
  12" H x 14" W

casein on masonite - 1960
  48" H x 24" W

"The Sea"
casein with gold enamel on masonite - c. 1959
  11 1/2" H x 27" W

"Untitled White"
mixed media collage - c. 1950s
  11 1/2" H x 19 1/2" W

"Rift 1218 (80-R08)"
acrylic on canvas - c. 1986
  36" H x 24" W

"Space Series #62"
gouache on paper mounted on illustration board -  c. 1950's
  16" H x 11 3/4" W

casein on masonite - c. 1960's
  48" H x 30" W

"Twilight Canyon"
oil on panel - c. 1948
24" H x 48" W

"Untitled (60-P15)"
casein on masonite - c. 1960
  36" H x 48" W

"Untitled (60-G 1-05)"
mixed media ink, ink wash, gouache with collage on paper -  c. 1950's
  19" H x 24" W

"White No 1"
acrylic on paper -  c. 1983
22 1/2" H x 14" W

"Untitled Pink"
mixed media collage - c. 1960s
  8 1/2" H x 11 1/2" W

"Untitled (50-P63)"
casein & enamel on masonite - c. 1959
  48" H x 36" W

"Untitled (60-COL55)"
collage with acrylic on paper - c. 1960s - 1970s
  15 1/2" H x 11 1/2" W

"Untitled (50-DR 1-38)"
mixed media ink, ink wash on paper -  c. 1950's
  13" H x 10" W

"Intimate Echoes XVII"
acrylic on paper -  c. 1980s
22 1/2" H x 14" W

"Gray Clouds #5"
mixed media collage on matboard -  c. 1955
  19 1/2" H x 15 1/2" W

"Untitled White, Beige, Red"
mixed media collage - c. 1950s
  9" H x 11" W

"Dark Mountian"
serigraph on paper - c. 1944
12" H x 16" W

"Still Life with Green Candle"
oil on panel - c. 1945
22" H x 27" W

"Blue Leaf"
oil with collage on canvas - c. 1970
  50" H x 42" W - SOLD

oil & enamel on masonite - circa 1959
  35 3/4" H x 48" W - SOLD

"Untitled (60-SP 1-18)"
mixed media collage on matboard -  c. 1960
  19 7/8" H x 15 7/8" W - SOLD

"Red & Blue"
acrylic on canvas - c. 1960's
47" H x 31" W - SOLD

"Space Shapes"
oil on masonite - c. 1950's
  48" H x 30" W  - SOLD

"Yellow Mood"
casein on masonite - c. 1957
  48" H x 36" W - SOLD

"Black #8"
acrylic on composition board -  c. 1970'
  10" H x 8" W - SOLD

mixed media collage on paper -  c. 1960's
  8" H x 10" W - SOLD

"Black Forms"
mixed media collage on matboard -  c. 1960's
  7 1/2" H x 9 1/2" W- SOLD

"Grey Fugue"
casein on fiberboard with collage - 1957
  24" H x 6" W - SOLD

"Balkan #5"
acrylic on canvas -  c. 1970's
  31 1/2" H x 23 1/2" W- SOLD

gouache with collage on paper -  c.1950
  13" H x 19 1/2" W - SOLD

acrylic on canvas panel -  c. 1959's
  17 3/4" H x 23 3/4" W - SOLD

"White House in Mexico"
gouache on paper - c. 1946
11" H x 17" W - SOLD

"Taos Landscape - Talpa Valley"
oil on canvas - 1944
12" H x 20" W - SOLD

"Still Life with Fruit and Wine Glass"
oil on canvas - c. 1945
12" H x 18 1/2" W - SOLD

  "Jazz II - Rendezvous #3"
acrylic on canvas- ci. 1980's
19 3/4" H x 15 3/4" W - SOLD

 "Jazz II - Morning Light"
acrylic on canvas- c. 1986
36" H x 24" W - SOLD

  "Untitled Abstract"
acrylic on canvas- c. 1980's
24" H x 18" W - SOLD