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 Adene de La No (1914-1987)  

Born in France and educated at the Beaux Arts in Lille and the Grande Chaumire in Paris, Adene de La No emigrated to the United States in 1956. She studied at the Art Students League,
as well as with the well known Abstract Expressionist Hans Hoffmann for two years, moving to Taos in 1961 for a residency at the Wurlitzer Foundation.

She was a strong and welcome addition to the group of modern artists, the Taos Moderns, who were already well established by 1961, and she became good friends with several of these artists, including Agnes Martin. Adene would remain in Taos until the end of her life, becoming an active member of the Taos art colony and one of Taos' most respected artist. Similar to many artists in Taos, de La No stayed because of the incredible light. Her paintings transport that light from our eyes to a spirit world and back again.

The last time her work was exhibited on this scale, with over 25 works represented in oil, watercolor, drawings, and prints, was at her memorial 30 year retrospective at the Harwood Museum of Art in 1988. Highly influenced by the Abstract Expressionist movement in New York, she painted non-figurative and landscape work with her later works being mostly of color fields.

As one of the later Taos Moderns, Adene was most directly influenced by Abstract Expressionism in her landscapes and non-figurative paintings, both directly based on forms in nature. "All I do is influenced by nature," she once told an interviewer.

For her, this included sometimes incorporating natural objects such as river-washed gravel into her paintings with a heavy palette knife and gravel texture technique, as well as delicate translucent washes. Within her canvases we find the tumbling cosmos, floating petals in the wind, all the beauty, turbulence, and frailty of the human condition.

Adene was more interested in the emotion that propelled her work to completion, rather than the "idea" itself. "Follow the painting rather than the idea in mind" was how she described her method of abstraction. There is anuncanny sense of balance here as compositional and chromatic values "push and pull" in and out of the picture plane.

Beaux Arts, Lille, France 1936-37
Andre Lhote, Paris 1938
Grande Chaumiere, Paris 1938
Art Students League, (studies with Morris Kantor), New York City 1957
Hans Hoffman School, Provincetown, Ma. 1957-58
Pratt Graphique, N.Y. 1960-61
Blatt Potterie Ceramique, NY. 1960-61

ART: USA 1958
City Center Gallery, NY. 1959-60
Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe, N.M. 1961
Denver Art Museum 68th Annual, 1962
Springfield Museum of Fine Arts, Springfield, Mo. 1963
Jonson Gallery, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, N.M. 1963
Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, Co. 1963-64-65
Charleston Art Gallery, Charleston, W.V. 1964
Gallery in the Square, Neiman-Marcus, Ft. Worth, Tx. 1969-7 4
Salon des Independents, Paris, France 1968 and 1974
Amarillo Art Center, Amarillo, Tx. 1975
Museum of the Southwest, Midland, Tx. 1977

First Grand Prix de la Ville de Lille de Peinture 1937
Mural Commission for the Pavillion of the Press, Lille International Fair 1939
Pratt Graphique Scholarship
Wurlitzer Foundation Grant

Staten Island Museum, N.Y.
Evansville Museum, In.
French Senate, Paris
Midland Federal Savings, Denver, Co.
The Central Bank, Jefferson City, Mo.
Numerous Private Collections


The Taos News, Thursday, July 7, 1988: Arts Elusive Minimalist Honored with a Memorial at Harwood,
By Linda Tasch Contributor

"Modernists in Taos from Dasburg to Martin", by David L. Witt

Select the following link to view the digital catalog of works included in our past exhibition

Selected works currently in our inventory :

Images are not to scale.

"Arches No. 12"
  oil on canvas - c. 1980s
  30" H x 36" W 

"Tide 1"
  oil on canvas - c. 1960s
  18" H x 14" W 

  oil on canvas - c. 1960s
  37" H x 41" W 

"Latitude No. 3"
  ink on paper - 1963
  17 1/2" H x 23 1/4" W 

  oil with mixed media on canvas - c. 1960s
  39" H x 40" W 

"Arches No. 15"
  oil on canvas - c. 1960
  24" H x 36" W 

  oil with mixed media on canvas - c. 1960s
  30" H x 24" W 

"Untitled Canyon"
  oil on masonite - c. 1980s
  24" H x 30" W 

"Lake Powell"
  oil on masonite - c. 1960s
  24" H x 29 3/4" W 

"Snowing No. 8"
  ink on paper, unframed - 1961
  17 1/2" H x 23 1/2" W 

  oil with mixed media on canvas - c. 1960s
  35" H x 42" W 

"Taos Pueblo"
  oil on canvas - c. 1960s
  41" H x 34" W 

"Arches No. 10"
  oil on canvas - c. 1960s
  24" H x 36" W 

"Sophie is Happy"
  oil on canvas
  26" H x 30" W 

"From a Peanie"
  oil on canvas
  28" H x 28" W 

"Abstract Clouds"
  oil with mixed media on canvas
  30" H x 30" W 

  oil on unknown foam - c. 1970s
  5" H x 3" W 

"Shooting Star No. 5"
  oil with mixed media on canvas - c. 1960s
  40" H x 40" W - SOLD

"Untitled Red Hills, Abiquiu"
  watercolor on paper
  9" H x 10" W - SOLD 

"Full Moon #3"
  etching with watercolor
  10 3/4" H x 10 1/2" W - SOLD

"Hot Spring"
  oil on canvas - c. 1960s
  36" H x 40" W - SOLD 

"Untitled Abstract Yellow & Blue"
  oil on canvas - c. 1960s
  15" H x 12" W - SOLD

  oil on canvas - c. 1960
  36 1/2" H x 40 3/4" W - SOLD